Eczema Shield

Okay so the word I keep hearing lately is probiotic.  So naturally I jump online and do a little research and discover Ethical Nutrients Eczema Shield probiotic powder.  This powder I can take while I am breastfeeding and once Curly starts on solids I can add it to her food.  While reading I discover that I should have been taking a probiotic in my last trimester.  It is supposed to help with the pregnancy and I really did not enjoy this pregnancy, morning sickness did not make me a happy Mamma.  But also if you have a history of eczema a probiotic is being suggested, however not in my case.  In a way I think midwives should just suggest a probiotic to their Mums to be just to help with the pregnancy.  Totally gutted, if only I knew.  Anything to help prevent what our baby girl is going through would be worth trying.  I didn’t even know about my partners family history of eczema, it was never talked about but both his brother and cousins second children (both girls) have had eczema, one very mild the other by the sounds of things more severe than Curlys.  Is there something in that or is it just my mind going eczema crazy?   I just hope that taking the Eczema Shield powder helps in some way, please.

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